Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ceramic Wine Night

My friend, Amanda, and I decided that we should try doing new things on nights we went out, instead of just the usual dinner or frozen yogurt. It was hard to find new things to do around here, but she eventually came up with an awesome idea. She found a place we could go to where we could paint our own ceramics! I hadn't done so in years, so I was all for trying it out, plus it was in a fun town, so I figured why not!? It was even better when we showed up and it was Girl's Night! Ceramic painting + wine & cheese! What could be better? Yes, that's right... nothing! We picked out our ceramics and paint colors and sat down at a table. I picked a ring holder... (hint, hint... Sal)... and Amanda decided to paint a pencil holder to add to her desk, which was perfect because she had just scored her first teaching job!

We started to paint, and as people walked in and sat down, we kept eyeing the wine and cheese. It seemed like no one was going to serve it to us, but it also seemed like no one was getting up to get any. We couldn't wait any longer, so Amanda rose from her seat, and went and poured us two TALL glasses of wine, and grabbed as many cheese and crackers as she could. Soon after we were laughing and talking to the other girls that shared our table with us. Before I knew it we were getting up for more wine and cheese. We didn't know it then, but we could have brought our own bottle of wine, which would have made things easier, and probably a little more fun, because that way we wouldn't have had to worry about taking too much!

We finished painting our ceramics, and were told that we had to come back in a week to pick them up, which was perfect because then we could pick them up and grab dinner and maybe a little dessert. That was exactly what we ended up doing... our usual dinner and frozen yogurt, but only after we picked up our finished ceramics. I took plenty of before and after pictures, and it was amazing to see the difference.

For now my promise ring will enjoy it's time on the ring holder, but soon enough an engagement ring may just replace it!

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