Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Surprise, Surprise!

A month or two ago, while I was on lunch at work, Sal and I were talking about going out to dinner that night. Usually he picks a new place that we haven't tried, and most of the time, the places are actually quite good. It gives me something to look forward to after work, instead of thinking about the hour drive I have before I get home. I usually just ask him what I should wear, something more formal or casual. I figured I'd just wear jeans and a nice top, but Sal had other ideas in mind. When I got home from work, I stopped to talk with my mom in the kitchen, and noticed a text from Sal, asking again what I was wearing, even though I had already told him... And he answers "still?!" At that point, instead of thinking he was up to something, I was annoyed. Yes still! My mind didn't change on my way home. 

But when I got in my room, this is what I saw. 

A beautiful dress was laid out on my bed, along with a card, roses in a vase, and my cowboy boots that I was obviously supposed to wear with the dress. My mom was in on the whole thing, having had to let Sal into the house. She walked in after me with a huge smile on her face. I was in awe and was honestly speechless, I just secretly hoped the dress fit. 

The note read: 

I quickly hopped in the shower and slipped on the dress, and let me just tell you that I've never had a dress fit more perfectly...ever. I found out later that Sal had went to Target, and after finding nothing, headed to the mall... Guess, to be exact, and immediately asked the saleswoman what would be the best dress with cowboy boots. The woman was confused and asked what for, and he told her it was a surprise for his girlfriend who he was taking out to dinner that night. The woman loved the idea and told everyone else that worked there, explaining what an amazing boyfriend he is. He eventually showed her a picture of me to figure out the right size. It was more perfect than anyone probably could have guessed. I was even shocked that a dress I hadn't tried on before, fit better than dresses I actually tried on in the store. He had gone through all that, just for me, and I couldn't have been more grateful. 

He picked me up at 7 sharp, and we headed for dinner at the Blue Morel, a restaurant and wine bar - come on, could it have been more perfect for us? Wine lovers. 

The wine was crisp and sweet, because we got a bottle of Riesling, of course. We ordered appetizers and eventually dinner and dessert. Everything was presented quite incredibly and tasted great. We both had salads, but while Sal ordered the steak, I ordered the swordfish. I wasn't a fan of the sauce, but everything else tasted pretty good. Dessert was a sweet sorbet, which I don't normally have but Sal convinced me and I'm glad he did! 

It was nice because there weren't many people there so we felt like we were out to dinner by ourselves. I felt so beautiful in the dress he had picked out for me, beaming with confidence and feeling the love around us. It felt like I was imagining the entire night and I could not stop smiling. You only see these things in movies or read about them in books, and I was living it. 

If I could choose again, I'd still choose you. 

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