Sunday, December 29, 2013

Six Years Later...

As I type out the title, I'm still amazed at that number { 6 }. It has been six years since Sal and I went ice skating on a baseball field that had frozen over, six years since he asked me to be his girlfriend, six years since I said yes. At that time, we never knew what we were asking or saying yes to, we just knew that we wanted to be together at that time. 12/17/07 (hence my blog title 12.17 Love Notes & Travels) has now become such a meaningful date to the both of us; both of us, not having imagined still being together and honestly, more in love than ever.

We're trying to save as much as possible right now, but that didn't stop Sal from sending me gorgeous flowers that day. We made sure we got our kickboxing session in bright and early. It was snowing, and Sal was supposed to have school so we decided to just relax for the rest of the day and go out the following night.

We were in my room, when we heard a knock. My mom immediately asked me to get the door, but Sal being the gentleman that he is, started towards the door shouting he'd get it. We got to the door at the same time, and as he opened it he moved backwards, remembering, and there was the beautiful bouquet of flowers. Laughing, I received them and just looked at Sal. He had completely forgotten that he sent them to me. My mom then said, "why do you think I called Kristyn to answer the door?" Needless to say it was quite memorable. Sal and I ended up making a healthy dinner that night, enjoying each others company.

The following night we decided to try 'Brio A Tuscan Grille,' a little restaurant they recently added to a nearby mall. We were both indecisive about where we wanted to go, and even still as we walked into the restaurant, but it was elegant with great prices. We were in awe when we saw the restaurants decor, and we quickly noticed how the atmosphere seemed to put you at ease. Though it was busy, we got a table right away, and began flipping through the menu. I wasn't about to order something healthy though, especially when I saw they had a bruschetta sampler, which was probably the most delicious bruschetta that I've ever had, and I would go back there in a second just for the appetizer. We ordered a bottle of wine, not only because we thought it'd pair well with our celebration, but also because I had forgotten my ID, and I was worried if I ordered a glass for myself, that she would have carded me (thankfully she did not). While Sal went with the lasagna, I chose the shrimp and crab cakes, with vegetables, which were divine. I have to admit, I would go back in an instant.

Afterwards, we had plans to head into the city with my brother and his girlfriend, for our yearly tradition to see the christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. We do this every year; however, last year was a pretty emotional trek into the city, or I should say while we smiled in front of the cameras, because our pictures came out terrible. It seems silly now, even the day after, but that night when we came home to look at the professional pictures we had taken online, I cried. Every year we try and order the pictures, which has become somewhat of an anniversary present in itself, and it's nice to be able to look back on them through the years. This year we made sure we bundled up probably even more than last year, but this time the pictures came out perfect, and instead of waiting to order them online, we ordered them right then and there. I guess that's what happens when you're not expecting anything, and just go with the flow. We even took a few pictures on our own, and one especially nice couple took a picture of all four of us, which I must admit, is probably the best picture of the night. We snapped a few pictures, and then we headed back to the car, hoping that parking wasn't going to cost a fortune. We're not the type of people to hang out in the city for hours on end, but we like to enjoy the atmosphere before leaving. If we didn't go into the city, I don't think it'd feel quite like Christmas.

When I tell people that we just celebrated our six year anniversary, they immediately look to my left hand, expecting to see a diamond, but they don't. Sal and I are still young, despite having been together for six years, and we are perfectly fine with where we are in the relationship... though some days you might catch me staring at the rings in the glass cases.

Thank you love, for another amazing anniversary... Here's to many, many more. I love you Sal. 

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  1. Brio is delicious. You and Sal are adorable. I'm glad you had a wonderful anniversary. :)