Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom's birthday usually lasts all month; and boy do I enjoy her singing, "It's my birthday, it's my birthday' all October long. Despite her belief that a birthday should be celebrated all month long, we only celebrate the weekend of her birthday. Last year, I threw her a surprise 50th birthday party, inviting all her friends to a local bar and restaurant, with decorations and a birthday cake too! While it wasn't a huge get together this year, it still included most of my mom's friends and the people that mean a lot to her, especially my brother who came home from school just for her birthday.

I couldn't get there until after work, but my mom didn't mind; it was the fact that I was there that showed I cared, and really, how could I miss my mom's birthday!? When I arrived I made my mom open her birthday gift. I had went to Pandora earlier in the week to get more charms for her bracelet that we promised we'd attempt to fill it with each occasion that passed. I had originally planned on getting her two charms, but fell in love with three of them when I paired them together on the string in the store. When she opened up the box, her eyes filled with tears. She immediately realized the significance of all of them: an opal for her birth stone, angel wings in memory of my grandmother, her mother, and pink and purple sea glass, that signified the ocean/beach, where my grandma loved to spend her time, looking for shark teeth.

We eventually ordered pizza and drinks, and thankfully, knowing the bartender meant that he was there whenever we needed another round. Clashing of plates, screaming happy birthday while the cake was brought out, and laughing so hard we received quite the looks from the surrounding tables, meant that it was a successful night, aside from the fact that they served my mom a slice of carrot cake with a candle on it... who even eats carrot cake?! Ever heard of ice cream cake? We snapped a few pictures, and before we knew it the night was coming to an end. My mom wasn't ready to call it a night though, (I swear sometimes I think she has more energy than I do), so she stayed out for a little longer with her friend. While I'm all for celebrations, there are just some nights after work where I don't have an extra ounce of energy, and I can't force my eyes to stay open any longer. I know that my mom had a great time though, because we were all there, for her. 

Happy Birthday Mom - I love you so, so much. You deserve all the happiness in the world. 

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