Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer

Ever since I started working out, seeing results, and sharing them with every other person I meet, I have had the thought of becoming a personal trainer in the back of my mind. In the beginning, I thought this was a far away dream - I mean what did I know about working out and training other people to get fit? I was focused on my own journey, and while I was happy to share what worked for me, I didn't know if I had it in me to take other's on their own fitness journey. Each month that would go by, the feeling would get stronger... you know, that feeling of watching everyone else attain and accomplish what you so badly want. I started to really picture it, and eventually became a BeachBody coach, until I realized that I had to sell products in order to make money, and I didn't like the way it went about helping people. Instead, I wanted to design my own programs and bootcamps to help people get fit, and provide them with grocery lists and meal plans daily to help them get and stay healthy. I didn't want to sell anything, but health... their own health... to show others that their health is important, what they do now, what they eat now, and what they think now will affect them tomorrow and next year!

When I was able to score a stable job as a Child Life Specialist, I knew I could afford to be taught everything I needed to be taught by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). You might be thinking how does she work with children, and yet want to become a personal trainer too? Ultimately, I want to help people - whether it's children or adults. If I can go about doing so in multiple ways, I'm going to. When I decided in my mind that this was my next step, I took a look at the clock and it was 11:11... now I don't know if anyone's read May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein, but 11:11 is a sign that the angels are manifesting one's thoughts into form; in that instant I knew, I just knew. I was still nervous to press that order button, but when the mailman came with my NASM package - I was ecstatic, and slowly felt the nerves disappearing. It was what I was meant to do. 

I didn't open the book right away, things got busy at work, and I didn't feel as if I had the energy to really commit. However, with the support of my family, friends, and Sal, especially, I was able to start - to reserve time during the day, either after work or on my days off, and focus on what I wanted to accomplish. Sure, I have 180 days to take the test, but I'd rather not be cramming in those last two weeks. I didn't major in anything fitness or science related in college, so most of this stuff is new to me, but I'm willing to learn and determined to pass. It's not easy, I'll admit it, but it's what I want. I'm watching the online presentations, reading the chapters, taking notes, making flashcards, and reviewing at the end of each chapter - going over the flashcards, doing the crosswords and practice quizzes. I've got this. 

I created a Facebook group quite recently to let people that I mean business; I will become a personal trainer by the end of the summer, and I will be there for anyone that needs advice, meal plans, workout plans, or a personal trainer. I'm hoping to make something big out of this. My dreams actually might be bigger than my own head right now. You can check out my page - Get Fit with Kristyn - & like it! I post recipes, inspirational quotes, fitness advice, and soon I'll be posting workout videos and nutrition advice. 

Meanwhile, I'm posting regularly on my Instagram - kristynnicole1 - with my daily meals and workouts!

I will keep you updated with my studying, as well as when I take the test - look out 25 before 25, I'm going to check another thing off soon enough! 

Any advice about studying, the NASM test, or being a personal trainer is always welcome! 

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