Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Twenty-Four, but Still a Kid.

Sal is twenty-two days older than me, and never lets me forget it either. This year he turned twenty-four, even though he still acts like a child. I didn't take off of work, instead we made plans to go out both nights on the weekend of his birthday, both Friday and Saturday (I know I'm turning into a party animal, watch out!). Plans were thrown together in a haste that Friday night, and before I knew it I was driving home from work, getting ready, and heading out to one of the local bars that was hosting a country night! We arrived and I was a little hesitant because there weren't many people there, but as soon as I heard the music, I was set for the night. Usually, we have to put money into a modernized jukebox in order to hear the music we like, so it was nice being able to just enjoy the atmosphere with friends.

The bar quickly filled up, and friends started arriving. Soon enough the shots were being poured, and drinks were being passed around. Knowing I had to work the next day, I chose to drive everyone. It was a good choice, as I was able to enjoy the show, so to speak. Sal didn't have any shots until the clock struck 12, which is a pretty good feat with his friends. As soon as the bartender found out it was his birthday, all hell broke loose. I couldn't help but laugh, but I took as few pictures as possible. Before I knew it, we were out on the dance floor; Sal is quite the dancer, even with a few drinks in him. Even though Sal and I said we'd never go to this bar, ever, I'm glad we did because country night wasn't all that bad.

The following day was Sal's actual birthday - November 30th, and that's when we had plans to go to Dave & Busters for the night (I told you he's a child). Before we left though, I knew I had to give Sal his birthday present that he had practically begged me for, so when he opened it, it was no surprise. I tried tricking him by telling him I didn't buy him anything, but he didn't even mind. So I eventually gave him his gift - a GoPro wrapped in princess wrapping paper! While he opened it I smiled, because he was genuinely happy, and I'm glad it was because of me.

I couldn't bask in all of the happiness though, because we had to leave. This was the first year that my brother was allowed to come being that he turned 21 this year. Other friends arrived little by little, but we were already playing games, and getting competitive, trying to win the most tickets. If you've never been to D&Bs, I suggest you go as soon as you can - it's like Chuckie Cheese for adults, with drinks and prizes! After playing for what felt like hours, we decided to take a short break for some snacks, and I may or may not have eaten a whole order of spinach and artichoke dip... okay not the whole thing, but close enough, which my brother informed me while laughing that I probably just consumed 1000 calories. Whoops! I wasn't going to complain about calories when I was having a good time. The waitress ended up messing up our order, so lucky enough for us we were able to all eat and refuel for under $15.00! We played a few more games, but then we headed home, having full bellies and a card filled with tickets. While none of us traded in our tickets for prizes, we knew we'd be back soon enough. to get bigger prizes. We didn't leave before snapping a Christmas card though!

Happy Birthday Salvatore; I hope you had one amazing birthday! I'm glad I could spend yet another birthday with you - that's 6 years in a row! 

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