Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY: Thanks A Latte Gift

Ever just want to show that you're thankful for someone in your life? Maybe they gave you a shot when no one else would, stood by you through thick and thin, or they show you love each and every day. If they're a coffee lover, I've found the perfect gift, that definitely goes a long way.

All you need is just a little note, paired with a gift card, of any amount, to their favorite coffee place.

I decided to give this to my boss for Christmas, but it's the kind of gift you can give any day, or any holiday, just to show your thanks!

Thanks A Latte Adapted from Jasey's Crazy Daisy

What You'll Need:

'Thanks A Latte' Printable 
Giftcard {Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, etc.}
Hole Puncher

Here's How: 

1. Print out 'Thanks A Latte' printable, and cut each circle out using fun scissors.

2. Punch hole into cutout and gift card with hole puncher, and tie with ribbon.

3. Add your name & give to the one you're thankful for!

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