Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DIY: Race Bib & Medal Holder

I am always inspired by the people I follow in Instagram, as anyone should be if they're following the right people. I follow those who lead a healthy lifestyle (at least most of the time), and these are, mostly, women who have numerous interests aside from working out, they're creative and generous, and I can even ca some of them my friends, even if we've never met. Recently I came about a picture of a homemade race bib holder, and I knew instantly where I would be headed that afternoon. I went off to Michaels where I bought supplies and thought up my own ideas for what I wanted my race bib holder to look like. Before I knew it I was at home painting, eventually waiting for the paint to dry while cooking dinner. The final product is something I'm extremely proud of and cannot wait to see hung up on my wall.

What You'll Need: 

Wooden board (your choice size and shape)
Chalkboard paint 
Gold wire 
Gold safety pins
Gold hooks 

Here's How: 

1. Start by painting your board with the chalkboard paint. Do one side first - when it dries after first coating, paint a second coat over. Once dry, flip it over and repeat.

2. Leave for a few hours, and once completely dry, push the hooks into the wood (use a hammer if necessary) - you may need to measure the distance between the two according to your race bibs. Add more hooks to the bottom for your medals.

3. Add a quote or saying to the top using your chalk.

4. Add bibs and medals, hang up, and be proud - but don't ever stop adding those bibs and medals.

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