Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dinner at the Mohawk House

After seeing a friend's post about a great restaurant [Mohawk House] near me, I was intrigued. The food, the views, the atmosphere, it all seemed great. The next time Sal and I had a date night, I suggested it. Even though it took us awhile to get there because our GPS has failed us, we eventually arrived and had our car valeted. We were worried because we were not dressed for the type of place that valets cars, but after asking the man that parked our car, he assured us that we were fine.

We walked in and asked for a table for two, and was quickly brought to the left side, where we noticed right away that something was different. My friend's pictures that I saw had been dark, and what she had recommended wasn't on the menu. The atmosphere was clean and crisp where we sat, and I felt underdressed. We were served our bread, but I kept mentioning to Sal how out of place I felt, even though we could have had a perfectly nice dinner. It was expensive and I wasn't about to spend that kind of money on dinner, at least not when we've been trying to save for the future. 

I grabbed my phone out at the dinner table, something I never do when we're on a date and searched the restaurant's website. With one click I realized that there were two sides to the restaurant, and we had sat on the dinner side instead of the bar and lounge side. Sal worried about telling our waiter we wanted to switch sides because he would ultimately lose the table, but when I want something, Sal knows by now that it will be given. We kindly asked the waiter if we could sit on the other side and when we walked over there, I immediately relaxed, although not until we apologized to our waiter multiple times. The atmosphere was much calmer and enjoyable. We excitedly grabbed the menus, having heard a lot about the food, and ordered quickly. With a glass of wine in our hands we clinked glasses, because what's wine without celebrating something. 

We ordered the mussles to start which were out of this world. Thanks to Sal I've actually been eating mussels for a couple of years now... I don't know why I was so nervous to eat them - I mean if you pay not attention to what they look like, the taste is great! I got the chicken sandwich with an arugula salad for dinner, and Sal enjoyed the burger with fries. I took half of mine home to enjoy for lunch the next day. The food was delicious, and I would definitely go back.

We were mistaken in thinking that the restaurant was actually on the lake, so we drove to the lake nearby, the lake that we normally run our Turkey Trots next to, and found an ice cream shop. I most certainly enjoyed cookie dough ice cream, because I just can't ever resist ice cream... It's my weakness. We talked out in the chilly spring air until they started packing up the chairs, that's when we knew we had to head back home.

The whole car ride home we held hands; those are the nights I wish never ended.

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