Monday, July 14, 2014

Fitness Yoga in the Park

I am always looking to try new workouts, and when I find them, I try and invite other girls I know that will love them, specifically my Tone It Up Sisters ((other girls who do the Tone It Up workouts - if you haven't, you MUST at least try them!)). I am lucky that some live close to me, so that I am able to send out a quick email and gather up as many girls as I can to join me. My friend Alisa and I had gone to a couple of yoga sessions at a nearby yoga studio, and that's when we met an instructor who also had her own yoga business, specifically holding yoga classes in the park, and yoga hikes over the summer. As soon as we heard that we'd be doing yoga outside, in a park that we both love, we knew that we needed to go. We sent out an email, and got a few people interested.

It just so happened that I had the weekend day off from from, so I asked Alisa to meet me at my house bright and early, so that we could be the first people there in case any other girls showed up. We met the instructor and a couple of other people that were joining in on the Yoga Fitness Class. We started the class doing laps around the park's lake, and alternated between sprints, lunges, and jogs. It was intense, being that it was so early in the morning, but I didn't complain - I loved the views, the deep breaths on fresh air, and the chill of the summer morning as the sun peeked out. Even though it was just Alisa and I, as well as another friend who had showed up, I was happy. I was even happier when I realized two other people that had been participating in the class were Tone It Up girls as well! We hadn't said anything to each other because we weren't sure, but right before we went into yoga mode, we asked each other and started laughing when we realized who everyone was!

We went on top of the band stand for yoga, and even though there was a fair going on in the park, once you're in that meditation state, you don't hear the people talking, selling their products, or see them staring at you from down below. It was a truly, incredible experience, and if you haven't tried a yoga class outside, I would really recommend it. You feel powerful, as if you can achieve anything, except maybe a headstand on cement. Those, thankfully, were not attempted.

Afterwards, when we were all calm, relaxed, and centered, some of us headed across the street to a local place for fresh, healthy smoothies, which were delicious to say the least. I had been to the place once before, and had gotten a smoothie that I wasn't a huge fan of, but I changed it up this time and was quite pleased. We strolled back to the park, taking our time... talking about our morning, and our daily lives. It felt so great to just live in the moment, not rushing around getting our errands done or working hard. Sometimes it's nice to just be.

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