Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lake Life

If you didn't know from my previous posts, Sal and I would choose the lake and country side over the city anyway. Our getaways are always to states like Pennsylvania and upstate NY for wineries and hiking. We prefer a slower, quieter way of life and although I'm not sure when that exactly started, I'm pretty happy it did. Ever since Sal's friend bought a house on the lake, we've been there almost once a week. We make sure we head to CKO bright and early, head home to shower, pack our bags and then we're off. It doesn't take too long to get there, but enough to ponder what's for lunch. Often we grab food to make at his house, but more often than not we stop for sandwiches at a little place up the street. Before we know it we're putting our chairs out to bask in the sun. Okay, I'm basking in the sun, while Sal fishes. 

When I first went to the lake, we walked around it, and I realized there was a small beach - how perfect, I thought. Since that day, I haven't spent any time on the beach, aside from a stroll here or there. I would much rather stay near Sal and watch him fish, honestly. I'm not sure why, but I always have such pride when he catches a fish, and I love being the one to photograph it, even though I complain to no end. While he's got his fishing pole in the lake, I'm buried in my NASM Personal trainer books, studying for the big exam. Aside from the occasional wind, it's a perfect place to study. I take study breaks occasionally, to just breathe, and once, I even caught my own fish! You could just imagine my excitement. That rush when you feel the tug on your fishing pole, and you reel it in, knowing that you've caught a fish, it's indescribable - and at that moment you get why your boyfriend loves it so much. Don't worry, I threw him right back, but not after I made Sal the photographer!

Whenever I go to the lake, I feel myself breathing deeper, easier. It's as if I am finally able to relax, and I feel all of the tension leave my shoulders. I take in deep breathes, and let them fall out of me. I say this every time we go to the lake, but it never gets old for me. I swear I see myself living there, though I don't think they have any hospitals in the countryside.

When his friend comes home from work, we make sure we either have things for him to grill for dinner, or know he's stocking tons of burgers in his freezer. Grilling after a day on the lake - what could be better? We hang out on his deck, that overlooks the lake, and admire the sun going down. We talk and we talk, listening to his friend play the guitar, take in the smell of the steak or burgers on the grill, and watch as the stars pop up one by one. It's truly incredible how many stars you can see when you're in an area without lights and buildings; I swear I could stare at the stars all night if I could.

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