Sunday, September 7, 2014

Down The Shore, Down The Shore

Sal and I tried to make it down the shore at least a couple of times over the summer. We're not huge shore goers, instead we'd rather go to the lake, which we did... a lot! Being only about an hour away from the shore though, we figured why not. Sal took advantage of a beautiful day, and joined a few buddies of his on a deep sea fishing charter. He suggested I meet him down the shore after work for dinner. I was psyched, because we never do things like this, and even though I didn't want to drive far, it was well worth it. Knowing he would be driving my truck home, made the drive even easier. When I arrived, he couldn't wait to tell me about his day. He had caught the biggest fish on the boat using a lite tackle, not the thick line and bigger fishing pole every one else was using. we took his winnings and we grabbed wings and drinks! What better way to celebrate?!

We walked along the boardwalk, hand in hand, and tried our luck at some games! Highlight of my night? I picked a penguin! Oh, and Sal bought me ice cream! How can you not have ice cream on the boardwalk?

A few weeks later, we decided to go bright and early on my day off, we skipped kickboxing and headed down. We stopped for sandwiches and chips to enjoy while on the beach, and just laid on a towel, soaking up the sun, all day. We both had our reading materials - Sal had Jaws, and I had a NASM magazine. It's kind of funny, you can tell what each of us likes just by looking at what we're reading. Munching on fruit, time seemed to pass quickly. It was hot though, so we kept having to walk down to the ocean and cool off. Aside from our feet, you won't find us swimming in the ocean though. Unless we're in Florida or on an island, we don't really swim in the ocean water. 

When Sal had enough sun, we packed up our stuff in the beach bag and cooler, and we put our stuff in the car so we could enjoy the boardwalk. We quickly found ourselves at a bar on the beach, enjoying summer cocktails. However, we weren't about to spend all of our money on drinks - I mean $17 for two drinks!? No thank you. We wandered a little more, and ended up in the aquarium. We had already been in the aquarium before, but Sal is a sucker for fish. I was easily convinced though, when Sal mentioned the penguins! We decided then that we'd come back for the penguin feeding later that night! Seeing Sal's face light up when he stares into the tanks is enough to make anyone's heart melt... okay, maybe just mine. We left, and found ourselves walking to the mini golf area. We couldn't even remember the last time we went mini golfing (I think the last time for me was high school? Wow...). We went on the more difficult course, and found ourselves cracking up after every swing of the club... I ended up getting a Hole in One though on the second hole! I was super proud! 

You'll never guess who won by looking at this picture, ha!

We went and grabbed a bite to eat before the penguin feeding. I got another drink, and a salad, which was out of this world. I didn't think it was going to be as good as it was. I knew it'd be good, but wow. 

The penguins were next, and my eyes lit up as I watched them feed the penguins. How do they get that job? No seriously, because I'd pay them to let me do that for a day! I tried to pet them, but being that there was glass between me and the penguins it was rather difficult. 

It was the perfect date night. Looking back on both of these days now, I remember back to how I felt that night, and those same feelings wash over me now. My heart is full, and I am happy. It doesn't take much to make me happy; Sal just knows the ways to my heart. I breathed in the salty air, and I felt a calmness that stayed with me the whole ride home. I love that we don't have to spend a week on a long vacation, we can go on these mini getaways and be just as happy, because we're together, and that's what really matters.

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