Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Color Run of 2014

My friend and I signed up for the Color Run this year, and I was super excited. Last year, I ran the Color Run in Brooklyn, and had signed up on a team with a bunch of other girls, but I showed up a little later than our start time, and ended up running by myself. Now these runs are supposed to be fun, but I must admit, I didn't have quite as much fun running it alone, as I did running it with a friend. It would be my last 5K of the summer, so I was looking forward to it.

My friend, Amanda, went the day before to pick up our race packets, and a little something extra so we could match. We planned out our outfits, accordingly: our Color Run shirt, black shorts, Color Run socks, Color Run sunglasses, and the Color Run headband. Sal wore his supportive Color Run shirt that he made for my run last year. He picked Amanda up at her house, she passed me my race packet, and before I knew it we were all decked out in our white Color Run gear headed to the race. We left early, even though there were no scheduled race times. The race was in New Jersey so it was much closer than the Brooklyn race last year, but we didn't want to risk being late or getting stuck in traffic going down the shore. When we got there, we walked over to where every runner was gathered before the race. Thankfully since Amanda had already picked up our race packets, we didn't have to wait in the extremely long line. We snapped a few pictures, and decided that we should start the race.

We left Sal waiting for us at the finish line. I love starting races, knowing that he's there waiting for me at the end. He's my biggest supporter, and I'm so grateful that I can count on him to be there for me for anything, in this instance, my races. Amanda and I started off with a jog, and made sure we walked through each color station so that we were covered after each. We didn't bring our phones, so we don't have individual color pictures, but we weren't about to risk breaking our phones or turning them a different color. It felt like we were soaring through the race, but we took our time, soaking in the sun, the wind, the color. This was Amanda's first 5K, and what better first than the Color Run?! We had so much fun, and even ended up on the ground at the last color station, making color angels. I'm telling you, we did not take this seriously. It was hilarious. We headed towards the finish line, and I looked eagerly for Sal. When my eyes found him, I couldn't help but smile. I ran harder and faster as I crossed the finish line, and we grabbed our color packets for the huge color party by the stage. 

Sal wanted nothing to do with hugging either of us. It was still funny to tease him and act like we were going to hug him and get color all over him. We headed into the color pit, and got our color packets ready to throw. I told her that it'd be in her best interest to close her mouth and nose when everyone throws the color, or else it'll wind up in her lungs. We counted down, and with each second passing, the anticipation grew, until we were throwing the color in the air. My cameraman, Sal, got it on video, and it looks incredible from far away!

It wasn't over for us yet though, because as we were walking, we were given more color packets. We didn't feel like going back into the color pit to wait and then throw it on everyone. Instead, we decided to throw them on one another, and it was hysterical. Once again, Sal caught it on video! 

We took a few more pictures of our colorful selves, and then headed out to grab some breakfast - which, of course, was taylor ham egg and cheese sandwiches, or at least variations of the famous NJ breakfast sandwich. We laughed as we walked into the bagel shop, because we knew people would stare at us, and believe me, they did. We headed home soon after, smiling the entire ride as we sat on towels and tried not to get any color on Sal's seats. I'd say it was a great race, and I cannot wait until next year.

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