Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkin Carving Over the Years

A week or two after Sal and I went pumpkin picking, we had some time on one of my days off, and set that time away to carve our pumpkins together. Sal had his idea planned as soon as he picked up his pumpkin out of the patch - the batman sign. I decided I would choose that same day we would carve them. I shouldn't have waited, but that's what procrastinators do. I scrolled through pins and pins of pumpkin carvings on Pinterest. I found a few ideas that I loved, most included a drill... until I found the cutest little bat. Thus the year of the bats was created. Even though I knew that he was going to carve the batman symbol, I didn't choose a bat for that reason... I just thought it was too cute not to carve.

I will say, though, that Sal and I are definitely not professional carvers. Each year we carve pumpkins, is just another year that Sal screws his up. Mine aren't half bad, but they definitely aren't too creative, as you can tell from the picture. But this year, this year was different. We took our time, I filled a bowl with chips and dip to munch on. We set the background with some country music, and we had all of the right tools. I laid out parchment paper to carve on and set a pan on the table for the seeds. We took our time, and used stencils to trace on to the pumpkin.

Sal finished carving his pumpkin a while before I finished mine, which was surprising to say the least because, like I said before, he is not the best carver. I must admit though, it came out better than I expected, and I couldn't help but stare at it when he lit it. It looked perfect, definitely better than any of his previous pumpkins, and I'm not quite sure he can top it next year, but I'm sure he has a couple ideas already. My little bat looked just as good too, and I loved how it came out. We lit them both up, snapped a couple of pictures and sat them rightfully so on my porch. They looked awesome in the dark of the night. We went and grabbed a bite to eat, and on our way home it started to rain; I immediately started worrying about the pumpkins, not sure why... it's not like they couldn't deal with the rain. I just didn't want to see our creations get ruined. 

We brought them inside for a few more pictures, and eventually moved them back outside where they shined for every passerby to see! Proud pumpkin carvers right there! 

Happy Halloween Everyone! Check back tomorrow to find out what I did for Halloween! 

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