Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quality Over Quantity

Before Halloween graced us with its presence, it was my mom's birthday. We were all extremely excited because my brother would be coming home from medical school for a short fall break. We couldn't plan it any better even if we tried. He was set to come home on the day of her birthday, so my mom decided to plan a nice quiet night spent at home with some friends and family. She didn't want to spend it out at a restaurant spending tons of money and barely getting to spend quality time with anyone. Instead, she wanted to snack on chips and pretzels, sip on bottles glasses of wine, and chow down on some sicilian pizza. I don't know about you, but whenever we have sicilian pizza, it means there is a party going on! We were slightly worried about the weather, but it turned out to be the perfect fall chill for a bonfire in the backyard.

I came home from work, just as her friends and our family started to arrive, and the smile on my mom's face could not have been any wider. It got me thinking... why do we strive to have so many friends, when what really matters is quality over quantity? There didn't need to be fifty people on the porch for my mom to be happy, she just needed those who have loved her and supported her over this last year.

We blasted music, and went back and forth chatting with family inside, and outside. The night was perfect. My mom refused to open her presents until later in the night... she didn't want to interrupt the conversations that were sparking in the backyard. After stuffing our faces with chips, dip, and pizza, we brought out the cake to sing. Of course, my mom being my mom, she blew out her candles and as she choked on her words and began to get weepy, she thanked everyone for coming. She's like that... a little ball of emotion. Finally she was ready to open her gifts from me - an awesome Garmin running watch that would motivate her to get back into her morning walks, and a beautiful October birthstone Alex and Ani bracelet that sparkled in all of its rose glory. She thanked me, but no thanks were necessary; when I saw the look on her face, I knew she was thankful.

The last of us still remaining gathered inside, it had grown too cold to stay outside. As the night came to a close, I knew that what my mom had meant about the night was true. It's quality over quantity. Those that had mattered the most had showed up for her and showered her with love and celebration. It was a truly magical night, and I know that she wouldn't have had it any other way.

Happy Birthday Mom ! Here's to many, many more! 

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