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Cellucor Review & Coupon Code!

Being a Fitfluential Ambassador, I'm able to test out products to review and share with my followers on all of my social media accounts, from my blog and Instagram, to my Get Fit with Kristyn Facebook page, and Twitter. I've been applying to many campaigns to review products and I was finally accepted two weeks ago. Cellucor sent me a few of their products - C4, Alpha Aminos, Super HD, and Whey protein powders - to sample and see what I thought of each of them. They also included a Vortex portable mixer that would take the drink shaking out of the equation.

C4 Extreme is basically powdered energy. It combines NO3 (Nitrate) technology with ingredients such as Creatine Nitrate that is to be taken as a pre-workout supplement, possessing the power to ignite your mind, muscles, and workout! It helps push you through that extra rep,  complete that last set, and get through the last ten minutes of your workout. It not only amplifies your energy and helps you focus, but it also tastes great, from flavors like icy blue razz, watermelon, and strawberry margarita.

Whey Protein [COR Performance Whey] makes it easy to meet your daily protein goals, packing 25 grams of pure whey protein per scoop with a wide variety of delicious flavors. It's tough to stick to a regimen of exercise and proper nutrition, but with the many flavors of whey protein, you will not get bored, and you'll be able to feel as if you're drinking dessert, from chocolate chip mint to chocolate marshmallow! It dissolves instantly in water, milk, or another beverage of your choice!

Super HD is a cutting edge stimulant thermogenic that combines ingredients that help promote fat loss, and potent nootropic compounds to deliver powerful energy and focus. It's a "feel good" weight loss product - yes, you will literally feel good while taking a weight loss product. It contains Rauwolfia, Amla Fruit and Yohimbe extract that delivers the most intense and high-powered energy blend on the market, and IFAS503, a novel compound comprised of three fatty acid synthase inhibitors aimed at reducing fat storage and promoting better appetite control.

Alpha Amino Sports Drink is the ultimate sports drink powder/BCAA product built with amazing flavors and a premium formula that fuels endurance, hydration, and recovery. This mix is naturally powered by Chia Seed Extract and Raw Coconut Concentrate, and is packed with heavy hitting nutrients. Chia Seed Extract contains eight essential amino acids, and a host of minerals and nutrients including omega-3s, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and fiber. Raw Coconut Concentrate's electrolytes and minerals, helps you stay hydrated on the field, in the gym and in daily life!

Here's What I Think

I was extremely excited when I received a huge box filled with Cellucor products, and I immediately wanted to share them so I could have a couple of reviews, instead of just my own. I had two packages of C4, four packages of whey protein (2 mint chocolate chip and 2 chocolate marshmallow), 1 tub of Alpha Aminos, and 1 tub of Super HD, as well as the Vortex mixer.

I tested out the Alpha Aminos during a CKO Kickboxing class that I took one morning. I often get dehydrated in class and have two water bottles with me at all times. During class I found myself getting thirsty and tired, and I took a sip of the Watermelon flavored water, and it was as if I sipped right from the watermelon. The sports drink not only kept me hydrated during the rest of class, but it tasted great. It didn't taste fake or too sweet, instead I found my thirst quenched and my tastebuds happy. I did need to switch from the Alpha Aminos to regular water because I never have sports drinks, or juice for that matter, so it was new for me to taste a drink with so much flavor. I ended up only drinking half, because that's all I needed to get me through the class. I would definitely recommend this to keep you hydrated during your long workouts, or on a really hot day when you find yourself wanting an ice cold glass of nutrients!

I also tried the whey protein. I've had protein powder before, but I've only ever had brown rice protein, specifically Perfect Fit Protein. I drink it in a shake right after a workout, or use it to make a protein pancake or protein cookies. It settles nicely in my stomach, and I haven't had any problems with it. So I was a little hesitant when I knew I'd be trying the whey protein, but I was up for it. I combined the mint chocolate chip whey protein with almond milk in the Vortex mixer, and was delighted when I smelled the shake. It smelled exactly like mint. And guess what it tasted like? Mint chocolate chip ice cream! I sipped that protein shake faster than any I've ever had before. However, an hour or two later my stomach felt all sorts of weird. It was an unsettling feeling, which I was told is how my stomach may react when it's never had whey protein before. The taste in itself makes me want to keep drinking it, even though it made my stomach feel funny. I know not everyone feels like this after whey protein, in fact, my brother who also tested out the protein loves it and would recommend it to anyone. He enjoyed the flavors as well.

The Vortex mixer was awesome; all it took was the press of a button, and in seconds my protein shake was ready for me to drink. Instead of me shaking, and shaking my protein shake, all I had to do was press the button and watch it spin around and around, mixing the protein in with the almond milk. It's quite and easy to use. To wash, you just take the bottom off and wash the cup. I use it now for all of my protein shakes, but it can also be used for pre-workout, eggs, cocktails, juice, baby formula, and energy drinks ... of course, not all at once. Check out the video below to see how easy it works! 

I gave two packs of protein powder to my brother, as well as a package of C4 Extreme. I gave Sal the other package of C4 Extreme and the Super HD tub. Yes, I gave away both C4 Extreme packages because I have a heart condition, and was nervous about what it would do to my heart, since I have heard pre-workout makes your heart race. I also gave Sal the only tub of Super HD because I am not looking to lose weight.

My brother has tried the C4 Extreme and protein powders before, and had nothing but good things to say about them. C4, according to him, "mixes easily, has a good taste, and definitely helps you get through your workout." He did mention that you get a "tingly feeling" because of the Beta-alanine in it, but he likes that though because he "know's it is working." He said the protein powders are great, as well, and did not mention any of the side affects that I experienced because he's used to having whey.

Sal also enjoyed the C4 Extreme, and does not workout anymore without taking it for that extra boost, that helps him power through his workout with every ounce of energy he has. He tried the Blue Razz flavor and thought it was great tasting, it dissolved easily, and was extremely easy to use - just drop a scoop in water and shake! He also had the Super HD fat burner, in the Peach Mango flavor, which tasted "REALLY good," according to Sal. It also mixed well after shaking. In the week since he's taken it, he has lost three pounds - we know the workouts that he's doing, as well as his healthy eating have also aided in the weight loss, but we can't help but think that the Super HD weight loss product has also pushed him over the weight loss edge.

Now that you've read a thorough review, and have heard great things about the Cellucor product line, I know that you'll want to give these products a try! I have a coupon code just for my followers, for 25% off! Go to Cellucor's website and type in CELLUCORFIT to enjoy 25% off of your order! 

Disclaimer: I received the following products through FitFluential and Celluclor in exchange for this post.

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