Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dinner on the Lake

After the foam fest, and after scrubbing the mud off for what seemed like an hour... Sal suggested we grab dinner on the lake and even though I was tired and just wanted to relax, I agreed thinking what could be more relaxing than enjoying dinner with my boyfriend on the water?

We got to the restaurant and had perfect seats right on the water. No ones table was in front of us, and we could see  what seemed like miles of water! It was a breathtaking sight as the sun went down. The food wasn't that great, but it wasn't bad either. He enjoyed steak, while I tried the crab cakes. Not like what we had to eat mattered, because when we're together that's all that seems to matter to me. It's funny though because we're always trying to make sure that the other is happy and having a good time. We always do, but we always ask to make sure. 

After the sun had set, we made our way back home... But not before we stopped for ice cream, that was delicious. I swear I've tried every ice cream shops cookie dough ice cream. I can honestly tell you where the best place to go for it, and the worst place. 

When I look back on these nights though it's not the way the food tasted or the name of the restaurant we went to that sticks out in my mind, it's the way Sal made me feel... nervous, stomach filled with butterflies... beautiful, in my own skin... and so so loved. Every girl deserves to feel this way, every day. 

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