Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Remembering my Grandma

Months and months fly by, and eventually life goes on without you even noticing. This happens... Time ticks, even after a loved one passes away. After I wrote about losing my grandmother, months had gone by and we hasn't celebrated her life. It was as if we closed the book of her life and it started to collect dust on the bookshelf. Family moved on, as if nothing had even happened. However, there were a few individuals who wanted to make sure her memory lived on. My aunt decided to take it into her own hands and put a rose bush in her front yard. My grandmother loved roses and therefore, her memory will forever grow.

We all gathered in my aunt's front yard, and shared fond memories of my grandma. I held on to my cousin. I didn't say anything, although I'm good with words on paper, I'm not the best conversationalist. I have a tough time getting my thoughts and feelings out verbally. We grabbed a shovel, as we shoveled dirt into the ground, we each said a small personal prayer. Sending good thoughts and love into the ground to enable the flowers to bloom. Where there is death, there is also birth. 

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