Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Baby Shower Fit for a Princess

One of my best friends is having her first baby, and I am beyond excited and happy for her. I found out on accident; she hadn't been ready to tell anyone, but for some reason I just had a gut feeling and went with it. When I asked her, she admitted it, though she was quite reluctant. I was so happy for her at that moment I thought I was going to cry. It was surreal. We had met at ShopRite, where she met and fell in love with her husband and the father of their baby. I was there during their first hello, their wedding, and now I'll be there for their new addition. It's crazy how time just flies by.

She later found out that she would be having a little princess, and it got even more real. Her baby shower was approaching, and when it arrived I had a bag full of baby items that I was all too excited to buy. No really, I spent hours at babies r us going through all of the items on her registry, and trying to get the best gift for her little one. Sal lucked out that night and was working so he didn't have to come with me. Instead of cards, we all were able to purchase a children's book and write a message, so she could read it to the baby when she arrived. 

Her baby shower was beautifully set up. Right when you walked in she had a table where you could write the new mom and dad to be a short piece of parenting advice to help them in this new chapter of their life. When we walked in, tables were set up, and everyone had already dug into the delicious appetizers. The gifts were lined up on the table on the side, and there was a table just for headband making. Each guest was asked to make a headband, or two, for the baby to wear when she arrived. It was decorated adorably, and I might have made more than two, or three. 

Dinner came and went, and conversations slowed. Just as dessert was arriving, my friend and her husband began opening the gifts together. I thought it was so sweet that her husband came to help open the gifts, because this is a time they should be sharing - the gifts are for their baby. She received many, many gifts, and that baby is so loved already - it was so clear to see.

Before leaving we were asked to grab a bag of sweets from the candy table, and a bag of tea and nail polish.

The shower went off without a hitch, and as I helped her organize some of the clothes in the baby's nursery, I kept thinking that this was one lucky baby. I cannot wait to meet her, I might be just as excited as her mommy, but probably not! 

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