Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chocolate & Wine Tasting

Groupon has proved to be the best time and time again for date nights. I was scrolling through one night while laying in bed, when I came across a Groupon for a wine and chocolate tasting at Bar Academy 101, I purchased it. It may have been my sleepy mind that caused me to click buy, but I did it. Between our schedules, we had a difficult time scheduling a day to go, but the owner worked with us and we found a night to go. I went into work early, so I could get out earlier and we could make it on time.

When we arrived, we were uneasy while walking into the building. It was right in the middle of a safe town, and a not so safe town, but we held hands and walked in the door and up the stairs. It was until we met the owner, the man who Sal had spoken with on the phone, and he showed us to our seats at a high table that we were able to breathe. Not only were there other people there, but the space seemed comfortable and inviting with the dimmed lights and music. At our table was wine glasses, a small plate for the chocolate, and a packet with information about the wine and chocolate.

The man came around and filled our glasses, and then gave us a piece of chocolate, explaining the flavors and why they was paired together. There were a few that we didn't enjoy, but that didn't stop us from eating every last bite, and drinking all the wine. It was fun and interactive, and as we walked out we couldn't stop saying how glad we were that we went.

I'm not sure if it was the wine talking or not, but we were giggly and happy, so we chose to keep the night going and head to a restaurant nearby for some food, seeing as we didn't eat before. I know, that wasn't a very smart idea, but we were short on time. It ended up being such a great night; we loved it so much that we're trying to go back there for a sangria tasting night!

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