Sunday, August 24, 2014

What Lights Up Your Life?

Ever wonder what draws us to fireworks? Is it the loud noise they make when they're fired into the night sky? Is it the colors that show for just a second? Or is it the anticipation we feel after one disappears in the blink of an eye, knowing another one is soon to follow? I was never afraid of fireworks as a little kid, and I'm especially not afraid of them now. Instead, I'm fascinated by them. Every 4th of July, I find fireworks nearby, and make sure I get a seat with a great view, but honestly any seat has a great view - whether it's sitting in a chair near where they're going off, or in the back of a pick up truck in a field.

They make me smile, no matter how short the show is. And I look forward to going to see them when July comes around. I sit back and marvel at the beauty of them, and think about life. Who would have thought that fireworks would be thought provoking? Of course, they're childish and fun, but they're so much more. They light up the night sky for just a few seconds, a few minutes, and it gives you a chance to think about what lights up your life. Is it that person you're sitting next to watching them? How about your job that you look forward to every day? No, it's a feeling or maybe it's just the fireworks in that moment. It's something different for everyone. For me, my life is lit up by all the little moments spent with the people I love. When I think back, I think about each moment that made me smile, made me laugh, and even those life changing moments filled with tears. Those are my fireworks, each and every day. They light up my mind, just like the 4th of July. 

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