Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dirty Girl Mud Run 2014

If anyone were to ask me if I'd jump in a pile of mud for fun two years ago, I would have looked at them like they were crazy. Now I have ran TWO Dirty Girl Mud Runs [an obstacle course mud run, just for women], and I dive head first into mud without even being told to. Last year, I participated to meet some Tone It Up girls. Right after the run, we were already planning next year. Even though the location was different this year, I was excited as ever to run with girls I had ran with the previous year, and meet even more girls! It's amazing, you'd think that girls that have never met each other would be shy or wouldn't click, but that is not the case with Tone It Up girls. We click instantly, because not only do we have fitness in common, but we are positive, happy individuals in general. We hopped on a bus together, and headed to the race. Even though we missed our race time, we were right in line for the next time - together.

Sal caught some great video in the beginning of us stretching and getting pumped up listening to the loud music, and then he followed us the whole race with his iPhone. He didn't tell me he was going to follow us, but the girls and I loved it. When I kept seeing him pop up at different sections of the race, I couldn't help but smile. Since he just graduated from a school that has taught him how to edit video (one of the many things he learned there), he was able to compile all of the video and pictures that he took, and make one incredible video filled with moments from our race.

We ran together, and when one girl fell behind, we slowed up and waited for her. We cheered each other on as we tackled each obstacle; hearing each other's support and motivation was incredible. Some of us had only just met, and to be there for one another like that, when one of us could have easily kept going, made me realize the community that is Tone It Up. When we reached the end of the race, we ran, jumped, and tackled one another in the mud - throwing it at one another, smashing it in one another's hair, and absolutely loving it.

I showered off as quick as possible, but apparently not well enough, because there was still dirt EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately, I couldn't join the girls for lunch because my brother's graduation party was later that afternoon. Sal and I hurried home, and I jumped in the shower, leaving a trail of mud behind me.

All I can say is, who's ready for next year!?

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