Monday, October 21, 2013

Bonding with My Momma

I'll be the first to admit that my relationship with my mom is far from perfect. She says I used to be such a sweet child, now she often asks herself what happened. I used to think it was a joke, but she might've been serious. We were always fighting, and now I realize it's because we're probably more alike than I choose to realize. Lately though, I've been trying to put life more into perspective. I'm honestly jealous of other daughters who have such incredible relationships with their mothers. I want to have that type of relationship where we can just go grab dinner one night, go shopping and get our nails done, or just go to the gym together. I don't want to come home from work every night and get or give the cold shoulder to my mom because we fought that morning. After my mom lost her mom, it hit me that my mom won't be around forever, and I should take advantage of the time I have with her, while I can, especially since I'm still living at home. She's always been there for me emotionally, as well as physically, supporting me in every decision I've made, providing me with anything I've asked for, and while I've always appreciated it, I might've not always shown it.

So I've been proactively changing my attitude towards her, and it's done wonders. I can now say we're in a great place in our relationship. Just last week, I suggested we go to the mall and then grab dinner, and guess what? That's exactly what we did. We went shopping, buying a few items for ourselves, and then we went to California Pizza Kitchen. We sipped on some wine as we caught up on every day life. We didn't fight (or worry about the calories), rather we enjoyed each other's company.

So when the opportunity arose again this week, we went again! This time the shopping was all about her, and we were able to score some great deals (anyone love free things as much as I do!?). We then headed to my favorite coffee shop, and ate incredible salads and drank iced teas. We don't have to do anything extravagant, just getting out of the house, and sharing these nights together, is something I'll remember for years to come. I'll look back on these nights and smile, knowing that we both made an effort to be there, in the moment, with each other. Our relationship might not be perfect, actually it's still far from it, but we're in a good place and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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