Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chasin' Waterfalls

I'm not sure what it is about waterfalls, but Sal and I always seem to find them - unintentionally at first, but now we've made them 'our thing.' So when I had off a short time ago, Sal decided we should head over to Pennsylvania to explore! We didn't have set plans, but we were together on another adventure. Sal packed a homemade picnic lunch, consisting of an incredible tomato salad and sandwiches, water, and healthy snacks!

When we arrived we realized there were more than enough adventurous things to do in one day, so we decided to start with a bike ride along the river, and then eventually make our way back and attempt a Segway tour around the lake. 

Well it turns out that our little bike ride, ended up being a 15 mile long bike ride, with Sal carrying our picnic in a backpack the entire time, which weighed way more than I thought, even after we stopped for lunch.

 Sal kept wanting to turn around, but I was determined to keep going, not only did I want to push myself and rack up the mileage, but I also felt a pull to keep going. Sal wanted to stop for lunch, but I pushed him a little further, and we were both glad I did, because we found a beautiful waterfall with a picnic table that seemed to be open just for us. 

We set up our lunch and began eating. Sal was so hungry that he inhaled his sandwich, while I was still enjoying the tomato salad. The food was incredible, but knowing that we had to now turn around head back, on bike, wasn't the most comforting idea, with our bellies full. 

We still thought we could make it back in time for our Segway tour, which was quite funny because we definitely weren't even close to being there. I will blame myself for that one, but we weren't even upset about it because we could always do that another day, another time. Still, we tried to make it, pedaling faster than ever before, until we both felt like we were going to be sick, and we weren't about to let that happen to our delicious lunch, so we slowed down and enjoyed our ride back. When we made it back, we thought about going zip lining, but the place we found seemed like it was for kids, and we wanted to make sure our first zip lining experience was memorable, so we began looking up nearby places that could spark some interest. That's when Sal remembered Bushkill Falls, a remarkable place a coworker had mentioned visiting recently, a place that they knew we would love! Why would we love it? Well why else ?! There were 9 breathtaking waterfalls to see, and a hike! 

We headed there and luckily made it before it had closed. We grabbed a map and started our hike, which seemed easy at first, until some of the falls were deep in the forest. My favorite waterfall was the one that was flowing so fast that when you walked by you got soaked, but not before seeing the way the light hit the water, creating a magnificent full rainbow. 

Everywhere we turned, I felt like I had to stop to catch my breath. I was literally in awe that this was all so close to me, that the world could be this beautiful just down the road. It makes me wonder what else am I missing out there, in states I had never visited and countries I've only dreamed of. Needless to say while our trip ended that night, my longing to travel only grew. 

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