Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Year, Better Me: 2015 Resolutions

You know that saying... new year, new you? Well, I completely agreed with it, until I said it out loud to the kickboxing class I was training, and then it got me thinking... why do we need to change ourselves into someone new in the course of a year, why can't we just better who we are day in and day out? Instead of being someone new, I'm just going to be a better version of myself than I've been in the years that have passed. Every new year, I make goals for myself to conquer in the next 12 months. Some of these goals are definitely easier than others, some of these goals make me grow as a person, and some are just for fun. 

Last year, I made 14 goals for myself to accomplish in 2014:

1. Travel to multiple states and abroad! 

- CHECK! Although I didn't travel abroad, Sal and I were able to go to a few places in 2014 including ConnecticutPennsylvania, Florida, and Virginia

2. Take & pass the GREs
3. Apply to graduate school, and never stop learning

4. Run more than 3 5Ks and start training for a longer run

- CHECK! I ran four 5Ks this past year - the Dirty Girl Mud Run (for the second time), the Foam Fest (for the second time), The Color Run (for the second time), and a local 5K

5. Start writing my book - (finally) get these ideas down on paper

- CHECK! I've started, but nothing too official yet. 

6. Keep my body fit and toned with the help of Tone It Up, the gym, CKO, and running

- CHECK! I've been keeping up with my workouts and healthy eating! 

7. Read at least 35 books

- CHECK! Okay, so I only read 30, but that's pretty close! 

8. Become a Certified Personal Trainer & encourage others to get fit and feel great about themselves

- CHECK! I became a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM & a CKO Kickboxing Trainer!

9. Get Engaged

10. Buy a new vehicle

- CHECK! I traded in my old Ford, and bought myself a new Jeep! I'm in love with it. 

11. Move out into my own place

12. Start a Project Life Scrapbook

- CHECK! Finally finished our Project Life Scrapbook for 2007-2008. On to 2009! 

13. Save, save, save. 


14. Find balance in life, between work, family, friends, and workouts. 

-  CHECK! This is definitely an everyday lesson, and I'm still learning. 

I checkmarked 10 out of 14 things off of my list in 2014. Looking back on 2014, I feel like it was my year to push myself past the boundaries of being 'comfortable' and really find who I am, who I'm meant to be, and what I want to do with my future. I've surprised myself with what I'm capable of, and I love being able to push others in that same way! 

15 Goals in 2015:

1. Finish Project Life Scrapbook 2009

2. Build personal training career
3. Start and finish CPT neuromuscular stretching course
4. Save, save, save
5. Travel to a new place, state, or country
6. Read a new book every month
7. Picnic in Central Park
8. Blog 3x a week
9. Book reviews after every book read
10. Continue to workout (TIU, CKO, Weights)
11. Publish another Child Life article
12. Live in the moment more & take chances
13. Pay off more 'debt'
14. Say yes
15. Move out

Here's to a New Year, and a Better You! 

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