Sunday, May 25, 2014

1st Mets Game of the Season

You know your team isn't doing so well when Dunkin Donuts has Buy One ticket Get One Free coupons. Regardless, Sal grabbed a few coupons, and we set a day we would head to Citi Field to watch our Mets. We headed in nice and early so we wouldn't hit any traffic, and we'd be able to see batting practice. It wasn't great weather, but Sal convinced me that we'd be fine. We arrived too early so after buying our tickets, we sat in the car. He listened to the radio, as I got some studying in. Once the gates were open, we started our walk to the field. The clouds came in slowly, and I was worried it was going to rain. 

When you're at Citi Field, if you don't go to the Shake Shack, you're making a terrible decision. They have THE BEST burgers. They added the calories to the menus, so pay no attention to those when you're ordering. They're that good that I am telling you to ignore the calories. We ordered our burgers and fries, and ate standing at the high tables. 

Thankfully, the rain was still holding up. We found our seats afterwards, and we got lucky! Our seats ended up being underneath the other level. We were protected from the bitter rain! I was happy, even though the temperature dropped, and I was bundled up as much as you can be in the spring. 

The game started, and I realized it had been awhile since I had watched a Mets game, because I did not know many, many players on the team. Still, I sat back and enjoyed the game. It ended up raining a few times during the game, and I smiled knowing that we were covered, watching the other fans take cover. The Mets powered through, but it wasn't enough to stop the opposing team, because we lost.

It wasn't the best game I'd ever gone to, but it was a game nonetheless.

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