Friday, May 9, 2014

Friends Always Come Back

Isn't it amazing how months can go by without seeing a certain person, and when you do finally see them, it's as if those months were only minutes. This happens to me often, and I never place blame, because life simply gets in the way sometimes, and that's not anyone's fault. Getting together isn't as easy as it once was... you can't just make plans at school for that night anymore. The toughest question isn't, "Mom can you bring me to the bowling alley tonight?" Instead, it's "Will I be able to sleep enough hours tonight, to be awake and alert at work tomorrow?

Sal and I have a close friend in the air force, so we don't see him often, except when he comes home, usually surprising all of us. He came home recently, and it was as if he had been here the whole time. It honestly made me wonder if he had ever really left. Of course, I knew he had been gone for months on end, but as soon as we all were together, we were back to cracking jokes with drinks in our hands.

Year after year our friend leaves and comes back, and while it doesn't get easier to say goodbye, it leaves us looking forward to the days he comes back, the days when we're all together again. And we get to take pretty awesome pictures together to look back on... 

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