Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flashback to Easter

I have much to catch up on in the blog world, and I'm okay with that. Don't mind me as I play catch up. I still want to document all of life's adventures and celebrations, so I will, regardless of how long it takes me... regardless that I'm blogging about Easter, when I probably should be blogging about Memorial Day, but I'll catch up... maybe one day.

The Saturday before Easter, I had to work, but I didn't mind. We ordered hard boiled eggs, and a wonderful group donated easter egg dying kits for the kids. I set up everything in the playroom, and invited the kids, their parents, and even the nurses to get involved in egg dying. Regardless of whether these children are in the hospital or not, traditions must still happen! If I was younger, and I wasn't able to participate in these traditions with my family, like easter egg dying or opening presents on Christmas, I would have been extremely upset. Of course, I would have gotten over it, but for children, it's like the end of the world. The following day, on Easter, a fellow Child Life Specialist came in and did an Easter egg hunt with the children, and even passed out Easter baskets!

While the children were waking up and opening their Easter baskets, I was preparing myself for a free yoga class with a friend. We had heard about it from another friend, and thought it would be the perfect time to try a different workout; it being free was just an added bonus. We headed to the studio, and had an incredible class - I even ended up doing a headstand, with help of course. I want to try to continue to do yoga - it is on my 25 before 25 list after all. We decided to stop for a fresh smoothie from a local place, and while mine was a little watery, it ended up being refreshing. 

I headed home after to get ready for our early Easter dinner. Before I got ready though, I made sure to open my Easter basket, which was filled with healthy treats! The Easter bunny sure understands my healthy lifestyle!

My family always eats Easter dinner early, which is different than any other night, and any other holiday. Usually we eat dinner late, so I look forward to Easter. In the past we've spent Easter with family, or at home by ourselves, but for the past two years, we've eaten out, and it's worked out really well. Good food, great company, without all the added stress and mess. I know what you're thinking - "What about the people working?! Don't you feel bad that they have to work, and you're enjoying time with your family, when they can't?" Yes, I do feel bad, and those thoughts have crossed my mind, but I hope that they volunteered to work, and that they were planning on spending time with their family that night, or celebrate the day before/the day after. 

We headed off to dinner - just the four of us. We went to the same restaurant we went to last year, and enjoyed the light laughter of the kids at the other tables, the families talking and enjoying one another's company, and the food that seemed to just keep coming, along with the sangria. We ended up getting dessert, and of course, I tried to get something on the healthier side, and that's when my eyes came to find the coconut sorbet, served in a coconut shell (I may or may not have had this last year as well). 

Sal and I don't usually spend the holiday together, unless we meet up later that night. Well my family decided at dinner that we would be heading to my cousin's house afterwards, and I just could not wait. I love spending time with family - especially my cousins, if you couldn't tell from my posts. No drama, just conversation over more food, and laughter. There was plenty of laughter when we arrived, especially when the chocolate icing just somehow ended up all over my cousin's face. The night seemed to fly by, and when Sal had finished celebrating Easter with his family, he joined mine. It was a long day, but a memorable one to say the least. 

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