Saturday, May 10, 2014


As most of you read, Sal recently graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, but before her graduated he interned on the set of a small movie - The Jersey Devil ((click the link for more information)). It hasn't come out yet, but once filming finished, a party was planned to celebrate filming the final scene and getting it into editing mode. From what Sal told me, it's supposed to be a pretty funny movie, and you might even see him in one of the scenes, causing quite the laugh! But again, it's Sal so I'm always expecting him to be himself, making people laugh. Even though I may not find him funny, other people do ((I kid, I kid)).

While it probably won't be out on the big screen, you may be able to see it at smaller theaters; I will let you all know as soon as I hear! 

The wrap party took place at a club in NY, and everyone that was a part of the team working on the film or in it was invited. Sal chose me as his guest, even though I wasn't exactly thrilled to go - I don't enjoy going to parties knowing no one. However, I will say I was glad I went to support Sal and his budding career. He introduced me to everyone, and while I probably couldn't even name one person I met there, I loved how they all knew Sal and enjoyed his company. 

We enjoyed a few drinks, and headed out the door earlier than we thought we'd leave, having had enough of the 'glamorous life.' Of course, I'd go with him again to one of these events, even though I'd much rather be hiking outside or in sweats on the couch! 

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