Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rock & Roll Yoga

I used to shy away from new things, afraid of change, afraid that I wouldn't like it or wouldn't be good at it, but as I've grown older, I've realized that you won't know if you don't like something unless you try it. What is the use of this fear? It does nothing but hold you back from new experiences and keep you afraid. It has you in a chokehold and ir has no plans to let go. I have chosen to actively notice my thoughts, thanks to Gabrielle Bernstein and her book May Cause Miracles.

So when I noticed there was going to be a rock & roll yoga class, I was curious, and went along with my curiosity. I went into work early and met my friend at the yoga studio. I've wanted to get back into yoga lately, so any chance I get I try and go. It was buy one get one free, so my friend and I were able to split the price, which is just an added benefit. 

We laid out our yoga mats, and at first I was nervous, the lights were off, insense was lit, and there were intruments set up. Turns out there was someone who would play those instruments, which only made me more conscious of the situation, especially when he started to play them. It was, to my surprise, actually comforting to hear the music while doing yoga. I'm still not 100% sold on the chanting an oming, but I try a little bit more and a little bit louder every time. 

When I do yoga I always become warm, and immediately when it's over my body feels cold. I'd be lying if I said yoga isn't a workout, because some of those moves are tough, and not everyone can do them, at least not right away. It's always great to challenge yourself and test your limits, because with time, you get better. Practice makes perfect right? 

So regardless of any fear, you should always try new things. I loved the rock and roll yoga, it was new and yet oddly comforting. It brought me to a higher level of awareness, and I felt as if it came at just the right time. 

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