Monday, May 26, 2014

Fajita Night

Whenever Sal asks to cook for me, I let him. Since we don't live together, he doesn't cook for me as often as I would like, but it's just enough, for now at least. After our usual CKO session, I decided that I was going to spoil myself by getting a mani and a pedi. I never get my nails done, but need to get a pedicure almost every month in the summer. Sal was all for me taking the morning for myself, but suggested that he make dinner for the two of us, which is fine by me. I love watching him cook, and helping annoying him, in any way I can. He went out and bought the ingredients, as my feet were soaking in the tub. I think the best part of those pedicures are the foot massages, but they always seem to go so fast.

My little morning seemed to fly by, and pretty soon, I was back at home, smelling fajitas cooking on the stove. I was able to get in some studying, while Sal marinated the meat, and began to simmer it. Studying has proved to be a lot harder to do now that I'm out of school for almost two years. It's easy to be motivated when your boyfriend makes you do it though, and you're sitting there telling yourself you can't eat that delicious smelling food unless you finish a chapter.

Sal made sangria too, cutting the fresh fruit, adding tequila, white and red wine to the pitcher. We put together a small salad to go with our fajitas. Once we laid out our spread, I began salivating. We poured our sangria in mason jars, and clinked them together. The meat looking incredible, and the peppers and onions were so colorful. I could not wait to try everything, and once I did there was no turning back. I felt like I could eat all of it, but of course I didn't. Instead, I took the fajitas to work for the next few days. I didn't even mind it, that's how good they were. I couldn't take the sangria to work, which was a shame, because even that was tasty.

Needless to say, I had to work out extra hard at CKO the next morning. It SO was worth it. 

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